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Basic info[]

Written and drawn by Jeff Martin

? pages, Black and white, Softcover trade paperback

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In 3010, professional wrestling is the most popular bloodsport in the Galaxy. Under the tutelage of wrestling legend -- and amateur lawyer -- Mad Doc Crockett, recent convict and rookie wrestler Dick the Bastard hopes to gain enough heat to make the jump from Prison Pro Wrestling to the big leagues -- and his freedom.

Featured in this collection are all 233 strips from the action-packed Super Max Challenge story arc of the acclaimed webcomic HEAT: The Space Age of Pro Wrestling as well as three exclusive bonus matches!

In the never-before-seen bonus match, Mad Doc Crockett challenges Ragnar Rasmussen for the Galactic Wrestling Championship, the Wooly Bully takes on Giant H'Waard, and Sierra Malik battles Mr. Skitters. The bonus matches are written by Jeff Martin and drawn by Daniel Schneider, Ted Seko, and Dean Stahl, respectively.

Collects HEAT #1-233 and Classic Wrestling Moments #1-10

Exclusive commentary by Dick the Bastard and Mad Doc Crockett on all 243 strips!

29 pages of bonus matches with art by Daniel Schneider, Ted Seko, and Dean Stahl!

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed Officially Released ?