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Basic info[]

Written by Luanga Nuwame

Art by Marie Jane Works

Cover by Marie Jane Works

20 pages Colour

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Published by: Zelpha Comics


Zelpha Comics and Marie Jane Works would like to introduce you to a new series called Harpy Vardith.

The series follows the lives and adventures of a Harpy named Vardith and her sisters (Giselle, Celosia and Kobarida) as they rule and protect their world under the guidance of Queen Angelus.

Although they see themselves as righteous benevolent heroes, there are unknown forces trying to destroy the Harpies and end their rule. To many inhabitants of their realm, the Harpies are a menace!

And then there is River - a mysterious creature who appears and disappears instantly. Only Vardith can feel his presence. Is he a friend or something more maleficent?

This series is the first to showcase mythical Harpies as the main protagonists. Vardith and her sisters are strong and powerful with unique personalities and ambitions. This new ongoing series is going to be a fun ride!

The artwork by Marie Jane Works is simply gorgeous! This is her first professional comic book work. A true collectors edition.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 100 Copies Printed, Officially Released June 2018