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Basic info[]

260 page full colour trade paperback

This magnificent compilation includes every single comic story published for the first Season of the Award-winning web series about Canadian superheroes, including the critically acclaimed, out-of-print Crimson: Dark Origins story!

Collects these comics[]

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Get all the Season One comic books in one volume, including the critically acclaimed, otherwise out of print Crimson one-shot! Written by Yann & Michel Brouillette and illustrated by Marcus MAS Smith.

Discover the sinister origins of Madame Doom, Black Terror, Hornet and Crimson!

Explore the dark pasts of Fleur-de-Lys and Acadia!

Watch as our Heroes save Riverdale (Toronto) from a horde of Zombots!

Go on a trip (literally!) with the near insane Black Terror!

All that and much more can be found in these 263 pages of pulse-pounding action!

Discover new artists!

Featuring the art of Christopher Yao, Zach Fischer, Daniel Wong, Geof Isherwood, Marcus Smith, André St-Amour, Gibson Quarter, Guillermo Ortego, David Cutler, Olivier Raymond, Max Forward, Dan Parent, Deveo Studios, Adam Gorham, and Patrick Hénaff. Cover by Donald Caron.

Printing Information[]

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