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Basic info[]

Own the very first Heroes of the North comic that got a wide release - and went out of stock in three weeks in comic book shops everywhere! 

Featuring stories by Yann & Michel Brouillette.

Art by Marcus MAS Smith, Deveo Studios and Olivier Raymond.

Colours by Marcus MAS Smith, Deveo Studios and Keiren T. Smith

Lettering by Keiren T. Smith & Deveo Studios

Featuring pin-up art by Geof Isherwood, Donald Caron, Michael Dooney and Félix Laflamme

Cover by Marcus MAS Smith.




Q& A with Alpha Q

A young journalist visits the CDO for a film script project and spends the day with Alpha Q who tells her of the exploits of the Heroes of the North. 12 pages.

Fleur-de-Lys: Blooming

Discover the dark secrets of the young woman who will become Quebec's premier superheroine! 12 pages.

Pacifica: Running the City

During an allocution at City Hall, Victoria Kelinza aka Pacifica gives us a glimpse on how she became the speediest Canadian heroine! 12 pages.

Hornet: Flirts like a butterfly, stings like a bee...

Explore the mysteries behind the origins of the deadly Hornet! 12 pages.

Black Terror: Reminescing

How did a brilliant scientist like Bob Benton ends up becoming the lumbering beast known only as Black Terror? 10 pages.

Black Terror: The Black Hole

Black Terror addiction problems cause him to… black out sometimes. And it can lead to very funny situations! 4 pages.

Madame Doom: Hate me because I am beautiful

Discover how the supermodel who had it all lost what she cared for the most because of greed... 12 pages.

Printing Information[]

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