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Basic info[]

Featuring stories written by Ty Templeton and Yann & Michel Brouillette.

Art by Dan Parent, Geof Isherwood, Gibson Quarter & Guillermo Ortego, Daniel Wong, David Cutler and Zach Fisher.

Colours by Keiren T. Smith and Aljosa Tomic.

Lettering by Keiren T. Smith & Yann Brouillette.

Featuring pin-up art by Michael Dooney,

Cover by Geof Isherwood.



Follow the edgiest Canadian superheroes as they team-up to fight crime all across the country! 

8 Ball and Nordik investigate a murder mystery in northern Quebec. 

The Canadian, Nordik and Fleur-de-Lys defend Riverdale, Toronto from the terror of the Zombots!

Alpha Q and 8 Ball face a… skunk?!?

8 Ball and Black Terror try to stop a counterfeiting ring in Western Canada!

All that and much more in this 80 pages comic book extravaganza!


Black Terror: Dark Alley

Black Terror gets more than he bargained for after trying some experimental drugs to numb his pain... 12 pages.

Pacifica: ASAP

The British Columbia speedster knows all the tricks to get things done fast! 2 pages.

Acadia: Pretty Clear

A young orphan in New Brunswick sees her life take quite a new turn when she meets an old scientist… 12 pages.

Zombots being Schooled!!!

The Canadian, Nordik and Fleur-de-Lys must team-up to free a high school overrun by Zombots in Riverdale, Toronto. 12 pages.

Nordik & 8 Ball: Chilling me Softly

Young woman are dying mysteriously in Northern Quebec but the murder weapon disappears without a trace! 12 pages.

The Canadian: The man I think I am

Guest writer Ty Templeton gives us a tale of honour and respect when a new agent gets assigned to work with The Canadian. 12 pages.

Alpha Q and 8 Ball: Blood Bath

The unlikely duo face an almost as unlikely challenge: a skunk! 3 pages.

8 Ball & Black Terror: The Bang Bang Theory

Dispatched out west to dismantle a counterfeiting ring, 8 Ball realizes that working with Black Terror is not as easy as it may sound… 12 Pages.

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