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Basic info[]

Featuring stories by Yann & Michel Brouillette.

Art by Geof Isherwood, Christopher Yao, Gibson Quarter, Max Forward, Deveo Studios, Patrick Hénaff, Adam Gorham and Olivier Raymond.

Colours: Aljosa Tomic

Lettering: Yann Brouillette and Zen.



Things go from bad to worse in this third installment of the Heroes of the North chronicles. 

8 Ball confronts his own morality when trying to help a corrupt politician.

Madame Doom feels her biological clock ticking and goes to extreme measures to take care of it!

Things come to a head in North Korea when Black Terror and 8 Ball attempt to rescue The Canadian and Nordik, both prisoners of the Medusa Commander!

All that and much more in this 80 pages extragavanza!


8 Ball: Politically Incorrect

8 Ball must free a corrupt politician taken hostage by a citizen that has had enough. 12 pages.

Crimson: Trophies

Crimson goes to extreme when it comes to her love of animals! 2 pages.

Alpha Q & Black Terror: Prototype

Black Terror tries out a new weapon designed by Alpha Q… 2 pages.

Fleur-de-Lys: Shoplifting

Some people are ready to anything to meet the lovely Fleur-de-Lys… 2 pages.

8 Ball: Break and Run

While on vacation in Sudbury, 8 Ball must take matters in his own hands when he witnesses an abuse of power by a rich local businessman. 12 pages.

The New Felquists in October Crisis

Guest writer Jay Dee gives us a sweet Halloween tale featuring the New Felquists and their plan to capture premier Charest! 4 pages.

The Canadian: Time Out

The Canadian has to defuse a bomb! Will he do it on time? 2 pages.

Nordik: Catching a cold

Nordik makes a snowman in front of the police station while waiting for the policeman in charge to return from his break...2 Pages.

Madame Doom: No son of mine!

Madame Doom wants an heir! She recruits the Medusa Commander with the mission of giving her a son she can be proud of! 12 pages!

Fleur-de-Lys: Do not let it fly!

Fleur-de-Lys gets into a scuffle with Miss Canada at the airport! 2 pages.

Medusa Commander: Power to the People

Medusa Commander has a peculiar way of educating his young adopted daughters… 4 pages.


Black Terror and 8 Ball try to rescue the Canadian and Nordik, both prisoners of Medusa Commander. What happens then will forever change the dynamics of the team. 24 pages.

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