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Basic info[]

120 page full colour trade paperback

Compiles Canadian Shield One-Shot and completely new material that bridges the stories of Season One and the unfolding narrative of the Second Season.

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Written by Fans for Fans, just like you!

DISCOVER how an unassuming man will become the deadly Komodo! 

SEE how Pacifica will stop the cross-country mayhen unleased by Hastings & Pain!

WITNESS how Josef Mengele aka Medusa Commander has been spreading his web of mischief from World War II until today!

TAG along with Acadia on her first major mission!

EXPLORE the Legacy of the Canadian Shield!

This 120 pages trade paperback features work by a plethora of Canadian artists, including Geof Isherwood, Zach Fischer, Gibson Quarter, André St-Amour, Daniel Wong, Danica Brine, David Therrien and many more!

Foreword by Ty Templeton.

Printing Information[]

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