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Basic info[]

Written and drawn by Jeff Martin

120 pages, Black & White, Softcover trade paperback

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In post-apocalyptic Canada, guns don't kill people - slapshots do.

For the mutated tribes trying to survive nuclear winter - which is like normal Canadian winter, just more radioactive - hockey serves as a form of ritual warfare in which communities gamble their resources on the abilities of their squad to score goals and bust heads on the ice.

Join the Edmonton Atomics - Skully, Squid, Stretch, and Ugly Dave - as bad decisions and a bad game force them to take the treacherous trip down HIghway 2, where they'll battle brutish reindeer, mangle some mutants, and attempt to solve the riddle of a four-armed goalie. This book collects issues 1-3 of Hockeypocalypse Season 1, as well as an exclusive bonus story.

Printing Information[]

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