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Basic info[]

Written and drawn by Jeff Martin

112 pages, Black & White, Softcover trade paperback

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In post-apocalyptic Canada, guns don't kill people - slapshots do.

For the mutated tribes trying to survive nuclear winter - which is like normal Canadian winter, just more radioactive - hockey serves as a form of ritual warfare in which communities gamble their resources on the abilities of their squad to score goals and bust heads on the ice.

With team captain Skully injured, manager Lizzy must step into his skates and lead the Edmonton Atomics - Squid, Stretch, and Ugly Dave - against a new threat from the north: Boss Hog and his Rig Pigs. In her first game since the end of the world, Lizzy must line up across from an abrasive, refrigerator-sized pig-man... so that should go smoothly.

This volume collects all 3 issues from Hockeypocalypse's 2nd Season as well as the exclusive short story "1984" and a sketchbook chronicling the development of the series.

Printing Information[]

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