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Basic info[]

Written by Jeff Martin

Art by Jeff Martin

Cover by Jeff Martin

120 pages, black and white

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Characters Appearing[]

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In post-apocalyptic Canada, guns don't kill people - slap shots do.

For the mutated tribes trying to survive nuclear winter - which is like normal Canadian winter, just more radioactive - hockey serves as a form of ritual warfare in which communities gamble their resources on the ability of their team to score goals and bust heads on the ice.

When the Edmonton Atomics don't get the supplies they need from a road trip through southern Alberta, Skully has an idea that will take the team west across the Rocky Mountains - but it might end up being a one way trip, if the Okanagan Ogopogo have their way. Back in Edmonton, Lizzy and the Atomics' second line find themselves under seige from rivals aware of the first line's absence.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Printing: December 2018