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Basic info[]

Full colour, 208 pages Anthology book

Funded on Kickstarter

Website ~ Facebook

Nominated for the Gene Day Award of the 2018 Joe Shuster Awards


From the frigid and frightening streets of Toronto, a new colour anthology of Canadian horror featuring over 15 terrifying stories! 

"Beware the Children" Story by Howard Wong and Joah Stafford Art by Robin Simon

Shhh! Quiet! The children are sleeping. Don’t wake the children. Don’t wake the children. Please, please, whatever you do, DON’T WAKE THE CHILDREN.

"Wraith" Story and Art by Lorena Torres Loaiza

Brotherly love- it’s supposed to unite us. But sometimes, grudges can last a lifetime. A lifetime, and a bit beyond…

"Resurrectionists" Story by Allison O'Toole Art by Jason Loo

In the 19th Century, criminals stalked graveyards by night, robbing corpses of the recently deceased for medical study. In this macabre black market, two young medical students sneak into a cemetery, intent to make quick cash off a fresh corpse…

"Mooncake Madness" Story & Art by Derrick Chow

For one lonely mother, Chinese New Year is a time to reflect on her own isolation, ignored by her self-centered and distant son. With a special mooncake recipe, will this year be any different?

"Carte Blanche" Story by Merissa Tse Art by Franky Plata Rojas

Every October, art snobs mingle with the drunk and disorderly in the moonlit streets of Toronto, experiencing contemporary art projects than span the length of the city. But this Nuit Blanche, one artist isn’t willing to play by the rules…

"Preserve" Story by Aaron Feldman Art by Xan Grey

Flayed skin. Exposed muscle. Polished tendons. A couple experiences an unusual science exhibit as they try to preserve their relationship.

"Jumbee" Story by Mark Foo Art by David Oxley

Have you ever seen a shadows out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn to look no one is there? Do you remember the first time you saw one? Veda does… and it remembers her.


“Midnight Show” by Miike, Greg Menzie & Valerie St. Gelais

“Descent” by Alex Correa & Simon Phommaneth

“Dwayne’s Inferno” by Sam Noir & Chris Yao

“Back on Your Feet” by Daniel Reynolds & Sean Patrick McCarron

“Peaches” by M. Blankier & Allyssa Clemente

“Cronenberg” by Miike & Chris Yao

“Watch Over Me” by Rob Shapiro & Shawn Phelps

“Cabbagepatch” by Shawn Daley

“Home Sweet Home” by Shane Kirshenblatt, Andrew Kwan & Tim Lai

“The Revenge of Ivan Reznikoff” by Peter Hawrysh & Nathan Younger

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed, Released October 2016