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This page will give you instructions on how to add a new page to the wiki using our standard templates. Please stick to the template format as much as possible but you are free to modify it to your needs within reason. Please read other pages in the same category as the one you are adding to in order to understand what content is typically added.

* For a new issue in a continuing series (either comic or graphic novel series) it is easier to copy and paste the previous issue and modify its content. See this tutorial [Coming Soon] for instructions.

This video gives a detailed walkthrough or you can read the brief steps below


How to add a Comic to the Canadian Indie Comic Book Wiki

1. First you must make a free account with Fandom by clicking on Register at the top right of any page and following their registration steps. (Or sign in if you've already done this)


2. Then once logged in, you may start by clicking the add new page button in the top right corner of the wiki banner


3. A pop up area will appear over the page. Then enter the name of the comic book you wish to add. Click the Next button at the bottom right of the box when finished.

You may not use these characters: # < > [ ] | { } in your title as Fandom does not allow it.


4. Then the page will be created and you will be redirected to the editing window. Once there you must switch to the source code editor to implement the template by finding this mode in the extra menu.


5. Then type one of the following code statements to implement the template for your desired page category.

(Note: Publisher pages are unique as they are categories and not simple pages and are created differently)

{{subst:Comic Book}}

{{subst:Graphic Novel}}




{{subst:Other Publication}}

Then click Apply Changes


6. Then leave the page as is and save the changes. By saving, the template will be substituted into the page. Then you will be able to hit edit and add your content as you wish.