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Basic info[]

Written by Matt McGrath

Art by Otavio Colino

Colours by Kay Baird

Lettered by Frank Cvetkovic

32 pages, full colour.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter


Man vs. Technology. A theme that has fueled the imagination of authors for decades. A simple idea, which has spawned many epic and operatic works of literature and inspired imaginative, mind-bending stories that span space and time in the attempt to answer the ultimate question - what does it mean to be human?

ID-10T error is a Black Mirroresque revenge comedy about Bradley, a lonely, disgruntled man, who dedicates years of his life, working in his basement, neglecting his career, health, family and friends, all in the goal of creating a thinking, feeling artificially intelligent robot. Why? So he can torture and kill it. But, when his AI gains consciousness for the first time, Bradley discovers there's a problem he didn't account for - that his creation will do anything to survive.

With the help of Burpo, a childhood toy Bradley used to test his theories of artificial intelligence on, the AI fights to survive and escape Bradley's captivity, while Bradley risks everything to make sure he carries out his mysterious vendetta and destroys his greatest creation.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ???