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Jack Smyth by Victor Izquierdo

Character Description[]

Jack Smyth was once the most sought after government weapons developer on the planet, a former purple heart recipient and role model to millions. However that all changed when his daughter contracted a terminal alien virus, her only chance was denied by the government Jack dedicated his life to serving. Betrayed by those he once looked up to, Jack did what any level headed man would of and joined the ranks of the worlds most feared super villains.

Jack Smyth

Jack and Shelby Smyth

Powers and Abilities

  • Extremely Intelligent
  • Charistmatic

Official Website

Ab3 12c Entertainment


Character Design by Dug/Dennis Tirona

Dennis Tirona is a professional comic book artist from the Philippines.

Story by Dug

Dug is a comic book writer from Alberta, Canada. He is most known for his work on The Nefarious Smyths.

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