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Basic info[]

Written and drawn by Miriam Libicki

Softcover, 152 pages, perfect bound 6.5"x10", Black & White

Nominated for the 2009 Gene Day Award at The Joe Shuster Awards



Miriam Libicki, an American Jewish girl from a religious home, enlists in the Israeli Army one summer against everyone’s better judgment. Many qualities seem to make her unsuited for IDF life: her Hebrew isn’t great, she is shy and passive, and she has a tendency to fall in love with anything that moves. If that weren’t enough, the Al Aqsa uprising, a.k.a the second Palestinian Intifada, erupts a few weeks after she is stationed as a secretary in a remote Negev base. Will Miriam survive threats of terrorism, the rough IDF culture, and not least, her horrible taste in men?

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print ??? Copies October 2008