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Basic info[]

Written by Austin Chuck-Yin

Art by Oliver Castaneda

Main Cover by Oliver Castaneda & Lisa Leblanc

36 pages Black & White

Website ~ Instagram

Funded on Kickstarter


The girl, once known as Maria Crossheart, has molded herself into a weapon called La Ira.Only a horrific tragedy would transform her into such a thing. It has been years since anyone has ever seen someone so young develop the perseverance and prowess of one you might expect from a kingsguard or a lord commander.

But she is one who is consumed by vengeance – that of which has guided her on an endless excursion of violence.Born from tribulation, all now fear for what she has become.

A force of nature.A dragon of rage.A lady of wrath.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 1100 Copies Printed, Officially Released 2017
  2. Variant B by Matt Kehler 350 copies (Kickstarter Variant)
  3. Variant C by Anne Kwan 300 copies
  4. Variant D by Nat Jones 250 copies (EH! Variant)