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Basic info[]

Written by Scott MacDougall

Drawn by D. S. Barrick

Colour by Erin Elston

Cover by D. S. Barrick

Softcover, 34 pages, Colour

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You always have to play the cards you're dealt. . . or do you? Lucky is a down-on-his-luck call centre worker who thinks everything would fall into place if only he could win more at poker. After Lucky loses big at the casino, a mysterious stranger offers him a deal to make his dream come true. But there's a catch: Whatever good luck Lucky has INSIDE the casino, he will have an equal amount of BAD luck in his everyday life. Will Lucky's dream become a (hilarious) nightmare? Find out in Lucky Unlucky Volume 1!

Printing Information[]

  1. First Printing ??? Copies, Published on October 2015