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Softcover, 176 pages, colour

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Published by AH Comics


Edited by Hope Nicholson (Brok Windsor, Lost Heroes, Nelvana of the Northern Lights), AH Comics brings you the multiple-award-winning MOONSHOT: The Indigenous Comics Collection!

MOONSHOT is a collection of short stories created by indigenous writers and incredible artists in Canada and the US. From traditional stories to exciting new visions of the future, this collection presents some of the finest comic book and graphic novel work in North America. The traditional stories presented in the book are with the permission from the elders in their respective communities, making this a truly genuine, never-before-seen publication. MOONSHOT is an incredible collection will amaze, intrigue and entertain!

MOONSHOT received the Bronze Medal in the 20th Annual Independent Publisher’s Awards for “Best Graphic Novel”! This publication was also awarded the title “The Best Book of 2015” by the School Library Journal – the largest book reviewer in the world.

Here are some of the talented artists and writers who created original stories for MOONSHOT:

  • Claude St-Aubin (R.E.B.E.L.S., Green Lantern, Captain Canuck), 
  • Jeffery Veregge (G.I. Joe, Judge Dredd), 
  • Stephen Gladue (MOONSHOT cover artist), 
  • Haiwei Hou (Two Brothers), 
  • Nicholas Burns (Arctic Comics, Curse of Chucky, Super Shamou), 
  • Scott B. Henderson (Man to Man, Tales from Big Spirit), 
  • Jon Proudstar (Tribal Force),
  • George Freeman (Captain Canuck, Aquaman, Batman), 
  • Mark Shainblum (Northguard, Corum: The Bull and The Spear), 
  • Elizabeth LaPensee (Survivance, The Nature of Snakes, Fala), 
  • Buffy Sainte-Marie (Fire & Fleet & Candlelight, Coincidence & Likely Stories), 
  • Richard Van Camp (Path of the Warrior, Kiss Me Deadly), 
  • Ryan Huna Smith (Tribal Force), 
  • David Robertson (The Evolution of Alice, Stone), 
  • Steve Sanderson (Darkness CallsJourney of the Healer), 
  • Michael Yahgulanaas(RED), 
  • Michael Sheyahshe (Native Americans in Comic Books, Dark Owl), 
  • David Cutler (The Northern Guard), 
  • Menton J. Matthews III (Monocyte, Memory Collectors, Three Feathers), 
  • Jay Odjick (Kagagi: The Raven),
  •  Ian Ross (Heart of a Distant Tribe, Bereav'd of Light, An Illustrated History of the Anishinabe),
  • Lovern Kindzierski (X-Men, Wolverine, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Spiderman),
  • Arigon Starr (Super Indian, Indigenous Narratives Collective

and more!

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