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Basic info[]

Written by Hal Hilden

Illustrated by Eric Weathers

Cover by Stephano Cardoselli

20 pages Black & White

Characters Appearing[]

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Follow his early adventures in twenty spectacular all-action pages as he thwarts a Nazi plan to sabotage shipyards in Nova Scotia!

MacSorly, R.C.M.P. Before he was the Golden Age Leaf, Walter MacSorly battled ruthless fur traders and train robbers.

Halifax Nova Scotia. Constable MacSorly is Canada’s last hope to thwart an evil Nazi plan to destroy the Halifax shipyards.

RCMP Mountie Walter MacSorly defends the dominion from Nazi spies!.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 250 Copies Printed Officially Released Nov 2011
  2. Hal-Con 2013 Variant 75 Copies Printed

Hal-Con Variant