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Basic info[]

Written by Attila Adorjany

Art by Attila Adorjany

Cover by Attila Adorjany

28 pages, Colour

Print Edition of Webcomic of the same name

Webcomic nominated four times at The Joe Shuster Awards

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Published by: 600 Pound Gorilla Comics

Available on Comixology


Metaphysical Neuroma is a surreal comic narrative created by acclaimed artist and designer Attila Adorjany. Inspired by the experience of living with synesthesia and fueled by the experiences of his misspent youth in Australia, Attila set out to create a comic that would blend his unique narrative and design sense with his passion for tales of epic cosmic adventure. Metaphysical Neuroma centers around themes of dream realities, quantum mechanics, alchemy and the power of belief. Metaphysical Neuroma also serves as an introduction to other stories set in the same multiverse. Metaphysical Neuroma is a bizarre tale that begins in the mind of an amnesiac who is flickering on the brink between life and death, he also just happens to be the greatest hero in all of time and space.

Join him as he must soon re-discover the epic end-boss battle that earned him the title, and the round 2 fight he must this time win to save the universe… again!

All is not what it seems.

Printing Information[]

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