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Basic info[]

Written by Kristopher Waddell

Illustrated by Dominic Bercier



Published by Mirror Comics


Samuel Risk never asked for a second chance at life, but he'll be damned if he lets the devil take it away.

Grief stricken by the loss of his bride and new born son, Padre Martin Risk desperately cried out for their return. A devil named Boone was listening and Padre Risk soon cut a nefarious deal: a child for his soul.

It was only a matter of time before the devil would return to Mission, Arizona.

Armed with the good word and his colt peacemaker, Padre Risk confronted the devil named Boone. Risk sacrificed his life that day to buy his young boy time to escape Boone's foul grip.

Many years later, now a loner and an outlaw, Samuel Risk has returned to Mission. Boone has been waiting.

Risk soon realizes he's not getting out of Mission alive. Risk must face his past, atone for his father's sins, and rid the dark cloud that hangs over the people of Mission, Arizona. Samuel must destroy the devil named Boone.

Printing Information[]

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