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Basic info[]

Written by Shane Heron

Art by Shane Heron

Colour by Jeffrey Myles and Paris Alleyne

Lettering: Shane Heron

Cover art by Shane Heron, Colors by Paris Alleyne

16 pages Colour

Funded on Kickstarter



This is my brand new, post-apocalyptic, western comic book.

In this very dangerous world there is a safe oasis, the Town of Beatrice, which is protected by sheriff Morris and his deputies.

In issue #1 we meet Morris, his sidekick, Tread and the Town of Beatrice. Tread calls on Morris to help deal with the threat of some nasty lizards who have recently shown up in the swamps north of town. They're called the Komodo Boys and they're not exactly 'friendly'.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed, Officially Released May 11 2018