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Basic info[]

Written by Larry Higgins

Art by David Coates & Andre Boulard

Cover by Andre Boulard

34 pages Black and White

Funded on Kickstarter

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Characters Appearing[]

Nyobi Lee


23 year-old, Japanese-American Nyobi Lee currently resides in Port Hope with an apartment located in Tokyo. Before developing her powers, Nyobi was performing in an all girl J-pop group, The Geisha Dolls. A group which was quickly gaining popularity. At age 16 during a meet and greet at The Mega Plex mall in Tokyo, Nyobi's powers manifested while being mobbed by a large group of fans. This was the moment she realized her life would change forever as a ring of light flashed in front of everyone's eyes and she was gone. She appeared in back of the building dazed and confused. The media ran nuts with the story and everyone had their theories as to what happened. ICON Entertainment tried to explain it as a special effect, a stunt. However, a week later Nyobi appeared on MY-Tube and exposed herself to the world.............

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ?? Copies Printed, Officially Released May 2015
  2. Sketch Cover ?? Copies Printed
  3. Second Printing?