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Basic info[]

Written by Davis Dewsbury

Art by Andrew Thomas

Cover by Andrew Thomas

Colourer Sharon Gauthier

12 pages Colour

Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

Published by: Great North Comics

Characters Appearing[]

- Kinzie Norlan

- Janks Fletcher

- Auric of the Great White North

- The Occultist [First Full Appearance]

- Sasha [First Appearance]

- Elaina Norlan (In Snow Owl Form) [First Appearance]


Every character has a purpose and a story. In Auric #4 we introduced you to the events that led Rolly Bonami into becoming the axe-swinging, gun wielding, technologically enhanced French Canadian beast fighter, Desbois. And now for this year’s Northern Ontario Expo Exclusive Comic, the team behind Auric of the Great White North brings you the story behind another member of Auric’s Legion ’99, Kinzie Norlan.

Norlan: Sorceress of Light, is a 12-page original one-shot that spins out of the current Auric story arc. Who is this young student of magic and what brought her into Auric’s modern quest to save the North? And what exactly is her connection to Auric’s arch-enemy?

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 225 Copies Printed, Officially Released April 21 2018 at the Timmins Comic Con