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Basic Info[]

Written by Alan Draven

215 pages, Novel (not comic book)

Published by: MSD Publishing

Companion novel to the Heroes of the North comic and web series


The recently elected Premier of Quebec is abducted from his home. All that is left behind is an envelope marked October Dawn. Shortly after, the Premier's daughter is kidnapped at their summer cottage in the Hamptons in New York. A strange masked woman wearing a costume with the emblems of the former soviet Russia is involved. Who is she working for? And to what end? The Canadian, Fleur-de-Lys, Black Terror, and 8 Ball are sent to investigate. As our team of heroes digs deeper, they unveil a web of mysteries and deception that may threaten the future of the entire country. It s up to Canada s bravest heroes to save the day while there is still time...

Printing Information[]

First Print: ?? Copies published in December 7, 2013

Editor's Note:[]

This novel is included in this Wiki because it is a relevant "Other Publication" to the Heroes of the North series and its story is part of their universe