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Basic info[]

Created by Chris Barnes

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116 pages, full colour.


Jago and Annia are set out to investigate a meteor strike that could turn the fate of the galaxy on it’s end. Their rivals, the Lacertus, are in the midst of a plot to overthrow the Federation that keeps the peace. Can these two Federation soldiers save the galaxy? Not without some help along the way! Volume 1: Trial by Fire collects issues 1-8 of Omega Squad with 97 pages and loads of bonus material after that, a variant cover gallery. Omega Squad is a science fiction space adventure that draws influences from Star Wars, video games, westerns and pop culture. You'll be thrilled with the adventure, laugh at the jokes and always on the hunt for Easter Eggs hidden in the panels. What's more is that you'll be able to watch as the art and story improve as you support this indie comic.

Printing Information[]

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