Canadian Indie Comic Books Wiki

This page lists pages that still need to be created for this wiki.[]

If you have information on these topics please create the page and add it! (then remove it from this list)

  • Underbelly Comics (small canadian publisher whose website and facebook are down meaning all info to be generated from physical copies and creators)
  • Low Five Productions
  • Barbaric Sword of Savagery by Mike Myhre
  • Fifteen Months by Colleen MacIsaac
  • Peter the Pan  by C. Eric Peters
  • Drupe by Jeremy Bourgeois Raymonde
  • Hypocrite by Dakota McFadzean
  • Boumeries by BOUM
  • I’m Crazy by Adam Bourret (self-published) 2010  
  • It’s Snowing Outside, We Should go for a Walk by John Martz, (self-published) 2010  
  • BADASSICAL #1 by John Fleming, Colette Turner
  • DRUNK TALES by Jesse Davidge, Andrew Fielden
  • NYOBI #1,2,3 by Larry Higgins, Steve Beaulieu
  • PAPER ROCK SCISSORS N’STUFF WARS by Luanga A. Nuwame, George Leon
  • SALTWATER #1 by Keith Grachow, Mitch Cook
  • SKY ROVER by Nunumi (winner)
  • SONGS FOR THE DEAD #1,2,3 by Michael Christopher Heron, Andrea Fort, Sam Beck and Nick Nobles

Anything listed on the Happy Harbor website we do not currently have here