This page lists pages that still need to be created for this wiki.

If you have information on these topics please create the page and add it! (then remove it from this list)

  • Underbelly Comics (small canadian publisher whose website and facebook are down meaning all info to be generated from physical copies and creators)
  • Low Five Productions
  • Barbaric Sword of Savagery by Mike Myhre
  • Fifteen Months by Colleen MacIsaac
  • Peter the Pan  by C. Eric Peters
  • Drupe by Jeremy Bourgeois Raymonde
  • Hypocrite by Dakota McFadzean
  • Boumeries by BOUM
  • I’m Crazy by Adam Bourret (self-published) 2010  
  • It’s Snowing Outside, We Should go for a Walk by John Martz, (self-published) 2010  
  • BADASSICAL #1 by John Fleming, Colette Turner
  • DRUNK TALES by Jesse Davidge, Andrew Fielden
  • NYOBI #1,2,3 by Larry Higgins, Steve Beaulieu
  • PAPER ROCK SCISSORS N’STUFF WARS by Luanga A. Nuwame, George Leon
  • SALTWATER #1 by Keith Grachow, Mitch Cook
  • SKY ROVER by Nunumi (winner)
  • SONGS FOR THE DEAD #1,2,3 by Michael Christopher Heron, Andrea Fort, Sam Beck and Nick Nobles

Anything listed on the Happy Harbor website we do not currently have here

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