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Basic info[]

Written by Luanga Nuwame

Art by George Leon

Cover by Daniel Wong

Page Count: 20

Published by: Zelpha Comics

"Sometimes a concept comes along for a comic book that is so original you have to just stop and take notice." Remy Carreiro - Forever Geek (September 20, 2016)

"Luanga has written a truly original comic with Paper Rock Scissors n’ Stuff Wars" Almost Normal Comics (October 6, 2016)

"This is truly a unique concept" Andy Kunka - Comics Alternative (October 12, 2016)


Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars is a four-issue limited series re-imagining of the classic hand game Rock-Paper-Scissors as a living planet-wide war between elements. The series is written and created by Luanga Nuwame and published by Zelpha Comics Ltd.

Issue #1 begins with the Scissors' Metallic Empire kingdom discovering there is another kingdom of sentient Papers. Without warning, the Scissors invade Paper Flatopia and easily decimate the Paper defenses. Prince Teflord Jr., son of Paper King Teflord, escapes with a small platoon of warriors to find help. Splitting into two teams, Prince Teflord's warriors discover two new kingdoms of Plastic and Rock.

The Rock kingdom is inhabited by powerful and wise living Rocks who are aware of the other kingdoms. The Paper warrior spies are soon discovered and are pursued by Rock guards. The Paper spies discover, purely by chance, that the Rocks have one weakness - they are claustrophobic. The Paper spied use their ability to fly on air currents to escape and share their discovery with Prince Teflord Jr.

Prince Teflord Jr discovers the Plastic's of Null Forest and that they too already know about the other kingdoms. Teflord Jr. talks to the Plastic's queen to figure out as much as possible about the Scissors menace destroying his home.

Back in the Rock kingdom, The Rock Council under Lord Quartz agrees to send their bravest young warrior Rocknar out to gather intelligence and to bring back 'samples' of the other elements.

While all this is happening, in a far off unknown part of the planet, the secretive Anvil Elders and their Glue servants reveal they know everything about what is about to transpire and that it is their responsibility to end the fighting between all kingdoms.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 500 Copies Printed, Officially Released: September, 2016