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Basic info[]

Written by Luanga Nuwame

Art by Hugh Rookwood

Cover by Hugh Rookwood

Page Count: 20

The second issue of a four issue limited series. First print is a limited 160-print Ontario Comic Con Edition

Published by: Zelpha Comics


The second of four issues in the first Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars series created by Luanga Nuwame. Issue two takes place just as Prince Teflord's spies return from the Rock Kingdom. Their arrival comes just as Teflord Jr. wakes up from a nightmare about the Scissors invasion. The nightmare reveals what type of selfish personality the prince had before the invasion.

With all his warriors together, Prince Teflord Jr. shares the incredible discovery he stole from the Plastic's queen. A liquid substance that instantly transforms a Paper's body into a ridged surface strong enough to crack rocks. Teflord Jr. decides to coat their swords with the liquid and plans to return back to his kingdom to fight the Scissors. Teflord Jr. also learns, to his amusement, about the Rocks' weakness.

While the Papers converse, they are being spied on by three rogue Scissors spies. Looking for an opportunity to bolster their ranks within the Scissors army, the spies agree one of them will subdue the Papers while the other two share the discovery of the Paper prince with their leader - the S.A.W.I.N.

Before the lone Scissors can attack the Papers, Rocknar appears and a vicious battle between Rock and Scissors ensues. After a fierce fight, the Scissor spy tries to flee back to his kingdom and Rocknar decides to let him go so he can follow.

Back at the Null Forest kingdom of the Plastics, their queen reveals she wanted the Papers to steal the "experimental and unstable" liquid. She wants the desperate Papers to test the substance before allowing her subjects to use it.

The issue ends with the Anvil Elders preparing their Glue forces for all out war against all the elements. It is revealed this melee between element kingdoms has happened before.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: Limited 'Comic Con' Edition 160 Copies, September, 2018
  2. First Print: Standard Edition 500 Copies - slated for December 2018 release
    Zelpha PRSW 2

    160-print Ontario Comic Con Edition

    Zelpha PRSW 2 FULL PRINT

    Standard 500-print First Print