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Basic info[]

Written by Darryl Joseph

Art & Letters by Sharon Gauthier

Covers by Sharon Gauthier

Pinup by Mart Deschatelets

8 pages B/W & Colour

First Appearance of Penny Steele

First comic book published by Steel City Comix

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Published by: Steel City Comix

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Characters Appearing[]

  •     Penelope "Penny" Steele (1st Appearance)
  •     The Hammer (1st Appearance)


When an off-putting store clerk gives her grief over two cents, Penny Steele stands her ground and insists the total she's paying for her purchase is correct.

Before long, Penny slams her money on the counter and starts to leave while the clerk objects and threatens to call the police, but an armed hold-up by a small-time crook calling himself 'The Hammer' prevents him from making the call.

On her way out the door, Penny overhears the trouble brewing behind her, ducks back inside to stay out of sight and quickly comes up with a plan to stop The Hammer and settle her argument with the clerk at the same time.

Penny Steele is one tough customer who doesn't back down from a fight, but always does what's right!

Printing Information[]

  1. Main Cover - 150 Copies - Official Release: Feb 18, 2018 (Canadian Toycon)
  2. 'Cold Meat' Variant Cover - 50 Copies