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Basic info[]

Written by Darryl Joseph

Art & Letters by Sharon Gauthier

Cover by Sharon Gauthier

8 pages B/W & Colour

First Appearance of Vic Nickel

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Published by: Steel City Comix

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Characters Appearing[]

  • Wayne Dixon
  • Victor "Vic Nickel" Nichols (First Appearance)
  • Alan Matthews
  • Gwen Matthews
  • Penelope "Penny" Matthews
  • Penelope "Penny" Steele
  • Jeanie Graham


Late in 1945, Wayne Dixon and Victor "Vic Nickel" Nichols, both officers of the elite law enforcement task force known as "The Minted", visit the idyllic town of Gainside to speak with the Matthews' about enlisting their daughter, Penelope "Penny" Matthews, into The Minted's elite academy. After some discussion, the choice is left to Penny and she quickly accepts.

In the present day, Penny Steele is walking home with the milk and eggs she'd fought so valiantly for at the store while going over the plan for the cake she's going to bake her Gran' Penny Steele Mini Issue 1Penny Matthews, but suddenly drops them right at the front step of her apartment when she receives terrible news in a text on her phone.

A few days later, while reading through an old diary given to Penny by her great Aunt Jeanie, she discovers a strange, metal badge that emits a pulsing glow which sends Penny on her first steps to discovering her family's secret past and her own future as a genuine superhero!

Printing Information[]

  1.  200 Copies - Official Release: Jun 09, 2018 (Sudbury Graphic-Con)