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Basic info[]

Written and Illustrated by Claire K. Niebergall

40 Colour Pages

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Chapter One: King of the Red Tide 

Five thousand years ago, the god of death fell into the Candlelight Sea. 

The islands were littered with his bones and the waters became a haunted wasteland – the final resting place of a swarm of hungry ghosts. Those few who survived the cataclysm now cower behind the glow of sacred lighthouses, fearing the deadly oceans beyond.

When the spirit of an ill-fated princess arrives on the other side of the horizon line, she risks her soul for a chance to live again. Her opponent: the vile remains of the fallen death god himself - a formless, parasitic, devilish blight known as the Red Tide King.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 30 Copies Printed, Officially Released September 23, 2018