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Basic info[]

Written by Brayden Martens

Art and Lettering by Chris Simmonds

Cover by Chris Simmonds

Logo by Conrad Fehr and Kevin Thiessen

36 pages black & white

Successfully funded on Kickstarter

Mistview Media

Published by: Mistview Media


War & Peace: An Old Soldier finds himself separated from his battalion, and wandering through an arid wasteland. What will happen when he finds rest... in the Red Queen's Kingdom.

Each full sized issue of Prehistoria: Age of Dinosaurs is a 36 page Black & White adventure. The first 24 pages are a self contained tale featuring at least two different dinosaurs, in a story that at times can seem all too human. Each issue features a stand alone story featuring dinosaurs from different periods of the past and what a glimpse into their life may have looked like. The last 12 pages contain information of the two key dinosaurs featured in the issue. Entertainment meets education in an all ages experience!

* A note for parents - Prehistoria: Age of Dinosaurs was a comic book created with children in mind. These comics do not contain any coarse language, sexual depictions, or obscene gore. However, as with most animals, there are elements that involve the Circle of Life. Some stories deal with death, loss, illness, and aging. As well, there are depictions of violence. Please keep this in mind for more sensitive younger readers.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: July 2020, ??? copies printed