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Basic info[]

Written by Attila Kiss

Art by Attila Kiss, Greg Woronchak, Byron Fong

Cover Art by Marie Philippova / Lettering by Attila Kiss

16 pages, Modern Size

Cover A/B Black & white interior, and Cover C/D have colour interior

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All Ages Anthology collecting 3 works of Attila Kiss. 1. One Minute After Midnight: Pump-King's origin story. 2. The Bigger They Are: A story in making. 3. Every Kid Wants To Be A Cowboy: West meets East.

Content differs between A/B and C/D versions.

Printing Information[]

  1. Cover A 25 Copies Printed, Officially Released January 2016
  2. Cover B 25 Copies
  3. Cover C 15 Copies
  4. Cover D 15 Copies