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Basic info[]

Written and drawn by Salgood Sam

Softcover, 36 pages, perfect bound 8"x10"

Full Colour Bleed

Published by Spilt Ink


Revolver Three is the first fully crowdfunded publication from Salgood Sam, with the bulk of the issue being the first installment of the Kickstarter backed story, “Dracula Son of the Dragon”!

A collaboration with Mark Sable, writer for stage, screen, and comic books. Co written and drawn by me, Salgood Sam. The story is being produced with aid from a 2013 Kickstarter and serialized in Revolver before being collected in special limited editions for the backers of the crowdfund.

Also appearing in this issue is the first instalment of “A Bastards Tale“, my memoir. There are also some classic Comic Jam pages that include panels by fellow artists and old friends Peter Ferguson, Sherwin Sullivan Tjia, Jack Ruttan, Jack Ruttan, Richard Gagnon, Billy Mavreas, Jai Granofsky, Jesse Bochner, Tim Moerman, and jam founder Rupert Bottenberg. And assorted pin ups including guest appearances by Richard Pace, Kevin Mellon, Leandro Fernández, and Jeremy Haun. Produced as contributions to the Dracula Kickstarter.

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