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Written and drawn by Salgood Sam

Softcover, 68 pages, perfect bound 8"x10"

Full Colour Bleed

Published by Spilt Ink


Revolver Four is the latest instalment in Salgood Sam’s personal anthology series, featuring comics memoirs, tales of Dracula’s youth, pinups, and more!

There are three pinups for Dracula, by James Romberger, Steven LeCouilliard & Paul Azaceta! ‘Dracula Son of the Dragon’ is a collaboration with Mark Sable, writer for stage, screen, and comic books. This issue hosts the second instalment. ‘Widows’ is a short tale of domestic intrigue penned by artist and editor Rantz Hoseley. And not least, ‘A Bastards Tale: Key’ is a new instalment of Salgood Sam’s memoir.

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