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Basic info[]

Written by Ty Dunitz

Art by Jenn Lee

90 pages, full colour.


Successfully funded on Kickstarter


Rising Sand is a fantasy adventure that tells the story of Dal, a precocious runaway who learns that the sun itself is falling out of the sky, and that civilization has little time to prepare for—or perhaps avoid—the end. To make matters worse, Dal's zealous paladin sister Ro is hot on her tail, determined to drag her back to the life she left behind. Braving perilous ruins and murderous cultists, Dal will find her place in the world, even if it kills her. And everyone else.

Rising Sand is an award-winning, meticulously illustrated story that presents ubiquitous human anxieties such as finding our tribe, sacrificing our happiness for the ones we love, climate change, and the acceptance of death through the lens of a light-hearted—and sometimes gut-wrenching—pre-post-apocalyptic world on the edge of its own extinction. A blend of science fiction, high fantasy, and even slice of life makes Rising Sand a rich and rousing adventure for readers of all ages, provided they can squint through the occasional exploding head.

Printing Information[]

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