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Basic info[]

Written by Riley Hamilton

Art by Samrat Das

Inks by Rowel Roque

Colours by Lucas Aparicio

Cover by Ralph Barrientos

Graphic Design by Lettersquids

24 pages, full colour.

Funded on Kickstarter

SPQR is a brand-new comic created, written, and lettered by Riley Hamilton with pencils from Samrat Das, inks from Rowel Roque, and colours by Lucas Aparicio. It is a historical fiction set in the Roman Empire in 69 CE, also known as the Year of the Four Emperors. The story is an action comic with a healthy dose of character drama and is inspired by true events.


It is 69 CE; Ara's tribe have been ambushed and completely crushed by a Roman legion. Now a prisoner and with his best friend lost in the chaos of the attack, Ara desperately searches for a chance to escape from his captors. Can he make his escape alone and what do the Romans have in store for him and the other surviors?

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 100 Copies Printed. Officially Released on Kickstarter in June 2023