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Basic info[]

Written by Robert Doan, Greg Webster, and Sandy Carruthers

Drawn by Robert Doan, Greg Webster, and Sandy Carruthers

Softcover, 68 pages, colour

Sandstone Comics



Sandstone Comics Presents is an anthology consisting of 3 original full length stories.

Indestructible - is a modern day story of a hero that has nothing to lose. After succumbing to a terrible accident in order to save his fellow colleagues, Martin, our hero ends up with extraordinary abilities, but he is also faced with something that could change his life forever. Join us as he faces off against a galactic threat known as the Space Simian. As the story unfolds over a series of issues you will find out more about his past, his presence in Charlotte City and what will come of his fate.

The Ghost Of The Cradle - When a mysterious vigilante starts targeting the criminal underworld of the Cradle, a borough of Charlotte City, Detective Alex Turnbull is tasked with tracking down this strange new threat. Turnbull is forced to face his own personal demons in the hunt for this ghostly persona, all while under the watchful eye of an even deadlier menace looming in the shadows.

Who is the Ghost of the Cradle? Exactly what is behind his vendetta with the criminal element of the city? Will Alex Turnbull be able to pull himself together and get the answers he seeks? All will be revealed in time.

Leap Frog - In the far distant future, a massive Interstellar craft is travelling at near the speed of light. Behind it is the dying star which forced its inhabitants to leave their solar system. Before it is their new home, the nearest star. After hundreds of generations, they are half way there, but still have a long, long way to go.

Now, upon approaching an asteroid belt, they must commandeer their vessel to tap into the rich resources it has to offer which will enable them to push ever forward. The dangers that lie to both inhabitants and ship are great, and tensions are high as the current high commander and crew must navigate this immense task before them.

Amidst the dark void, though, a lone beacon is picked up on their sensors. Could this anomaly actually be first contact from another alien species, and if so, are they friendly or hostile?

Plus: Century Man - Day 1

Printing Information[]

  1. First Printing March 2019