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Basic info[]

Written by Kelly Kanayama, Melissa Hudson, H. Pueyo and Andrea Tang

Art by Melissa Hudson, Claire O'Brien and Rebecca Ann Jordan

Cover by ?

40 pages Black & White

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Published by: Bleating Heart Press


Edited by Kat Overland and designed by Joyce Hwang, issue #2 of Secrets of the Goat People contains 40 pages of original fiction, poetry, comics and illustrations about resisting, fighting back, and carving out a space of your own.

This month's guest editor, Kat Overland, said of the issue's theme that

    "The works in this zine represent different ways to keep pressing forward -- in your community, against your own perspectives, against expectations, and, of course, against oppressive political regimes. It’s that action that drew me to these stories -- resistance can be many things but it’s always active, looking ahead to a world not yet conceptualized. Secrets of the Goat People is a place to tell these stories, to say to others that we’re here too, we’re listening, and we’re going to survive this."

    Published in this issue are poet and critic Kelly Kanayama, cartoonist Melissa Hudson, illustrators Claire O'Brien and Rebecca Ann Jordan, and fiction writers H. Pueyo and Andrea Tang.

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