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Written by Ashley McCammon, Yee Wai, Ray Sonne, Brenda Noiseux and Rebecca Henely-Weiss

Art by Ashley McCammon, Yee Wai, Katharyn Ketter-Franklin and Rhodora Jacob

Cover by ?

40 pages Black & White

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Published by: Bleating Heart Press


    Edited by Megan Purdy and designed by Joyce Hwang, Secrets of the Goat People #3 contains 40 pages of original fiction, poetry, comics and illustrations about anger.

    Stifled, expressed violently, or expunged through fantasy and fairy tale, the creators in Fury push back against violent misogyny, the weight of history, personal disappointment, and the background radiation of institutionalized oppression.

    Published in this issue are cartoonists Ashley McCammon and Yee Wai, illustrators Katharyn Ketter-Franklin and Rhodora Jacob, and writers Ray Sonne, Brenda Noiseux and Rebecca Henely-Weiss.

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