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Basic info[]

Written by Roy Johnson

Art by Luis Rivera

Cover by Luis Rivera

Letters by Micah Myers

28 pages Colour

Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

Published by: Standard Comics

Characters Appearing[]


In this great jumping on issue of the series, strange things are happening around the world; sudden shifts in emotion of crowds of people, from peaceful demonstrations becoming violent riots, to throwing down of arms during a civil war, to public attacks on beloved superheroes.

Can the Planet's Ultimate Super-Heroes, the Sentinels, discover who, or what, is behind it and stop it? Can they even figure out what's happening?   

Find out in this thrilling comic book follow up to The Sentinels:The Planet's Ultimate Heroes "Forced Labor", featuring 24 pages of story, plus bonus pages, including a 2-page "reprint" of the super-villain's "First Appearance" from so long ago.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: POD Copies Printed, Officially Released 2019

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