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Basic info[]

Written by Roy Johnson

Art by Fish Lee

Cover by Fish Lee

24 pages Colour

Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

Published by: Standard Comics

Characters Appearing[]

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A group of villains from a parallel earth (Reverse-Earth) arrive in Manhattan, determined to break into a familiar-looking building. Can the Planet's Ultimate Super-Heroes, the Sentinels, put a stop to their nefarious plans in time?

Find out in this action-packed 22-page Bronze-Age style comic book,The Sentinels "Nefarious Purpose".  Featuring a one page Encyclopedia entry of the Guild Nefarious (this issue's villains), and a cutaway view of the the Sentinels HQ, Freedom's Stronghold!!

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: POD Copies Printed, Officially Released 2020

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