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Basic info[]

Written by Spencer Estabrooks

Drawn by Jethro Morales

Colours by Adriano Augusto

Letters by Derek Mah

Softcover, 96 pages, full colour

Successfully funded on Kickstarter

Published by: Renegade Arts Entertainment

Dead West Productions


Sharkasaurus is a horror comedy that pits creationists and paleontologists against the prehistoric Sharkasaurus.

The story follows a pair of star-crossed lovers; the rebellious emo son of a gay paleontologist falls for the daughter of a widowed creationist. After they accidentally awaken a prehistoric tunneling dino-shark, they must evolve their ideological difference or succumb to the inevitable jaws of Sharkasaurus.

Set on the Heavenly Holes creationist themed golf course, the story is full of satire, incredible death scenes and epic one-liners. The characters, although stereotypes, are flawed but cheer-able heroes marching forward towards enlightenment and death.

The theme of Sharkasaurus is evolution. All central characters go through a transformation or metamorphosis. When faced with might and awesome power of Sharkasaurus stubborn characters are forced to work together, adapt and become the best versions of themselves before they are killed in an terrifyingly hideous way.

Sharkasaurus is death. The ultimate inevitability that stalks all men and women. It is the fear of death that gives the characters the will and desire to change, but the consequence of that change is death.

“Tremors Meets Jaws meets Caddyshack” An epic tale of faith facts and fins set in the Drumheller, the badlands of Alberta.

Sharkasaurus began as a short film. It was selected as the first Telus Storyhive project and travelled the world film festivals, but creator, Spencer Estabrooks, had a story bigger than the short film could contain. So he turned to graphic novels.

After a successful kickstarter, the book was published in 2018 with Renegade Arts Entertainment.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Printing April 2018