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Basic info[]

Written by Stephany Lein

Art by Stephany Lein

Cover by Stephany Lein

28 pages in Colour

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Funded on Kickstarter


What do you do when someone you love dies?

Shelly #1 is the first comic in a series of books for young adult girls. The first issue revolves around the main character, Shelly, and the way she deals with the grief after losing a close friend to leukemia. She drifts in and out of reality, living in her memories of her friend, Caroline, and begins to see monsters within us all, including herself.

The first issue of the series also touches base on bullying, fighting, stepping up and helping a stranger in need, and making the wrong choices. We all make bad decisions in our life, and there are consequences to our actions.

Shelly can be found on Comixology for $4.99, purchased at a store in Toronto, or purchased by the creator at a convention. Please check the Facebook page for upcoming shows.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 250 Copies Printed, Officially Released October 2017