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Basic info[]

Written by Roddy Williams

Pencils and Inks by Crizam Zamora

Colours by Caroline Nolasco

Lettered by David Howlett

22 pages, full colour.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter


Henry Sinclair, Lord of Rosslyn Castle in Scotland, is the guardian of an ancient secret entrusted to him by his forefathers, the Knights Templar. His wife Lady Jean is the love of his life, and a fierce, strong woman in her own right.

Alas, Henry has gotten a bit lax in his duties. It's been 90 years since the Templar Purge, and the demands of being a guardian have diminished somewhat. Henry's role has gotten... comfortable.

However, a new, deadly player is determined to seize the fabled Solomon Vault long rumoured to rest deep within Rosslyn Castle. To do this, assassins are dispatched to infiltrate Rosslyn and confirm the whereabouts of the legendary treasure.

Now, after 90 years of being hidden, the secret of the Solomon Vault is in danger of being revealed, bringing death to Henry's house.

Henry must fight for the survival of his friends and family, and protect their sacred duty against an insidious enemy waiting in the shadows.

Printing Information[]

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