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Basic info[]

  • Writers: Jeff Knott & Derek Jessome 
  • Artists: Jeff Knott, Derek Jessome & Rick Laffin
  • Letters: Bruce Brett
  • Editor: Traci Manzer

32 pages Colour

First Appearance of all characters

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Published by: Grandway Comics

Characters Appearing[]

(To be added)


Space Cowboy’s arch-nemesis Babyhead has compiled a criminal cabal of super-enemies (3-Face, Mew-Man, Actiongirl & Riff Raff) to thwart the cosmic lawman and his heroic team of super-adventurers, the mighty Triumphanteers (Micro-Woman, Mega-Girl, Jungleman & Scubaman)! What is the secret of the lost super-weapon Babyhead has discovered beneath Grandway harbour? Will Mega-Girl pass her exam on advanced calculus theory? What lies at the heart of Space Cowboy’s cryptic nightmares? Will Grandway City ever be the same???


"A seriously fun book, an exciting new Canadian publisher, fun and brilliant homage to Marvel’s heyday, what more can a guy like me ask for?"

Martin Boruta - First Comics News

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ?? Copies Printed, Officially Released October 2018 at Hal-Con