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20 Pages colour

Published by Ronin Studios


SPACEPIG HAMADEUS AND THE AMBUSH AT THE HOURGLASS SEA SHANE NITZSCHE - Cover art DONOVAN YACIUK - Story, art, colours and letters DAVID TAI - Sound Effects Consultant A brand-new, galaxy-spanning, epic adventure starts here! Spacepig Hamadeus is sent to the surface of Mars to help an old friend. But will he even get the chance to set foot on Martian soil?

SPACEPIG HAMADEUS CHARACTER ENCYCLOPEDIA VOLUME 1 DONOVAN YACIUK - Story, colours and letters SHANE NITZSCHE - Artwork The first installment of the Spacepig Hamadeus Character Encyclopedia! Information, stats and facts on nearly every character that has appeared in the Spacepig Hamadeus universe - including a few surprises that have yet to show up!



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