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Basic info[]

Written by Adriano Ariganello

Art by Rafael Chrestani

Cover by Rafael Chrestani

Variant Cover B by Brian Azcurra

Variant Cover C by Mattia Monaco

Variant Cover Digest B by Richard A. Morgan

24 pages

Colour: No

Published by: Pesto Comics

Characters Appearing[]

  • Ellie Rose
  • Grace
  • Dr. Groth


Stay Cool is a 24-page black & white one-shot comic. The self-contained story is a sci-fi noir tale about spontaneous combustion and revenge.

With multiple variant covers, a digital version and two print-sizes (traditional American comics size & Tankōbon digest sized), Stay Cool allows for multiple reading options while showcasing incredible art by Rafael Chrestani and a story by Adriano Ariganello that will keep you guessing.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 350 Copies Printed, Officially Released Nov 1, 2023
    • 50 Cover A, 50 Cover B, 50 Cover C, 100 Digest A, 100 Digest B