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Basic info[]

Written and drawn by Kelly Tindall.

Softcover, 140 pages, 6.75"x10.5" perfect bound, with a gold foil logo

The Ghost Pirate's Gift is the first collection of the webcomic Strangebeard.

The book was funded on Kickstarter

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Strangebeard tells the story of Jenny Brigham, a servant girl who becomes the most feared pirate in the Endless Ocean in just one night. Possessed by the ghost of the long-dead Pirate Emperor Augustus Strangebeard, Jenny gains all of his magical powers but also the wrath of the seven Pirate Masters who slew him... and the loyalty of his cut-rate crew.

Collects the first five chapters of the Canadian webcomic Strangebeard. Also includes "The Ballad of Strawberry Sam", a six-page story available only in this volume, and a pinup section with art from Riley Rossmo, Lar DeSouza, Mike Rooth, Fiona Staples, Nick Bradshaw, and Tim Sale.

Printing Information[]

  1. Firs Printing ??? Copies, Published in 2015